EmiMaps Application


How the “EmiMaps” application works

The purpose of the “EmiMaps” application is to provide individual customers with information about the expected estimated coverage of digital broadcasting services offered by Emitel S.A. This solution is intended to serve as an aid in determining the approximate possibility of receiving the signal in a specific domestic location, as well as for selecting or installing appropriate receiving antenna system components.

EmiMaps can be found at: EmiMaps.emitel.pl
Android application can be downloaded from GooglePlay: EmiMaps for Android
iOS application can be downloaded from AppStore: EmiMaps for iOS

In order to evaluate the possible signal reception, select your multiplex, and enter the address of the reception point. You can also use the automatic localization feature, or move the house icon to the desired place on the map.When you select the location, the app will show the expected coverage of the multiplex in the reception point. The application allows you to scale and scroll the map. Moving the reception point (house icon) to another location will automatically show the coverage for the new location. Clicking the transmitter icon allows you to read the detailed parameters of the signal.Orange marks a transmitter preferred for the specified location.

Red marks a transmitter that also allows for signal reception in case of problems with the preferred transmitter.
Yellow marks areas where the signal reception should be possible.
Bright yellow marks areas with poor reception.

The window on the right shows the name and key parameters of the broadcasting station whose coverage has been selected. It also displays tips for selecting an antenna for the desired location and multiplex. Below, you can see a vertical section of land between the broadcasting station and the receiving antenna. This graph allows you to evaluate difficulties in signal reception caused by the presence of natural obstacles.


The application serves as an aid for the end customer. The application does not cover all the aspects affecting the assessment of signal reception in a given location. Therefore, EmiTel does not guarantee that the actual operation of the end customer’s equipment will correspond to the application’s indications or the expected results after applying the instructions provided by the application. The descriptions and guidelines obtained using the EmiTel application and websites should be treated only as an indication. They do not constitute a recommendation or other assurance or obligation on EmiTel’s behalf towards the application user, end customer, or third parties.The operating principles of the application, its content, or the content accessed by the application can be modified at any time without the consent of the user.

Subject to limitations resulting from the mandatory provisions of law, to the maximum extent permitted by law, EmiTel shall not be responsible for damages arising from or in connection with the application, its use, malfunction, errors, deficiencies, faults, distortions, defects, delays in data transmission, computer viruses, line or computer system failures, or the content contained in the application.

The user is using the application at your own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by law, EmiTel assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, up-to-dateness, or completeness of data or other content contained in the application or accessed by the application.

Use of the application does not replace or substitute the use of specialized measuring equipment in accordance with applicable standards and regulations.