DAS and Small Cell

We find solutions. We respond to needs and trends. We focus on network diversity and sharing models.

DAS — means denser, faster and more optimal networks.  DAS is an acronym which stands for Distributed Antenna System. DAS installations increase the network capacity which is difficult to provide in other ways due to investment limitations for macro stations.

DAS is similar to electromagnetic waves — they exist but cannot be seen. Antennas also exist, but they are inconspicuous because they blend into the landscape. And thanks to them the Internet works faster.

Small Cell are low-power base stations with short ranges that are a way of densifying mobile networks that have to keep up with the growing number of Internet users who download more and more data. We design and aggregate low infrastructure facilities in preparation for the development of 5G networks. We create an offer of shared access to the 5G network and infrastructure. We find the components of systems that can be shared by several operators in order to build optimal solutions in densely populated locations.