News Modernisation works at the RTCN Lublin/Piaski facility are nearing their end

The overhaul of the antenna system at the RCN Lublin/Piaski facility is nearly completed. After the completion of works, the terrestrial television system will be broadcasted according to the specification from before the overhaul. The modernisation works, which were halted during the election campaign, should be concluded no later than on 30 October.

Due to the necessity of concluding the modernisation works of the television antenna system at the RTCN Lublin/Piaski facility, commenced in August 2019, it will be necessary to switch the MUX-1, MUX-2 and MUX-3 digital terrestrial television multiplex signal to the alternate antenna system. This can cause a reduction in the strength of the broadcast signals in some areas of the Lubuskie Voivodeship. The works schedule was agreed upon with the terrestrial television broadcasters. The conclusion of the overhaul, which due to the on-going election campaign and the necessity of maintaining the broadcast was halted earlier, is planned for 30 October 2019. Due to the fact that some viewers in Chełm and surrounding areas experienced problems with the terrestrial television signal receipt, Emitel has launched for the time of the works additional broadcasts strengthening the signal of digital multiplexes from the 90 metre SLR Kumowa Dolina tower.

The RTCN Lublin/Piaski Radio and Television Broadcasting Centre is broadcasting radio and television programs for approx. 1.2 million residents of the Lubuskie Voivodeship.

The on-going overhaul is technically very complex, among others, due to the specialist works at heights. The current antennae have broadcasted the signals for the Lubuskie Voivodeship residents for over 30 years, providing firstly an analogue and then digital television signal. The periodical maintenance and modernisation of devices at all broadcasting facilities allows for eliminating the risk of serious failures and loss of the ability to receive UKF and DVB-T television broadcasts, and thus for maintaining the highest quality of services provided.