Awards and Distinctions Emitel wins the “Investor in Human Capital” emblem

For the second consecutive time, Emitel has won the “Investor in Human Capital” emblem. The programme has been run since 2006 by the Digital Knowledge Observatory Foundation.

The aim of the programme, addressed to companies and institutions operating in Poland, is to continuously improve the level of human resources management, promoting the importance of investing in human capital, as well as accumulate knowledge about employers’ practices and initiatives.

Awarding us the ‘Investor in Human Capital’ emblem means that we set a very high bar for ourselves – once again, we joined the ranks of Laureates, who meet the highest standards, thanks to Emitel’s HR policy. It is also worth pointing out that the ‘Investor in Human Capital’ Programme is based entirely on the opinions about the employer held and shared by the employees,” said Andrzej J. Kozłowski, President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

The “Investor in Human Capital” emblem is a distinction wholly based on the Employees’ power of voice and recommendations. The other winners of this year’s edition of the programme were Man, Alexander Mann Solutions, Dachser, Link 4, NetWorkS, Bricoman, Caparol, Bocian Pożyczki, Döhler and T-Mobile.

The “Investor in Human Capital” Programme is run under the patronage of the most important public and private institutions. The set of surveys, which was developed over the course of many years, pays attention to the opinions of employees on the most important areas of the organisation’s operations. The programme focuses on encouraging employers to pay attention to the needs of their employees and on supporting companies in creating friendly workplaces.

Currently, the programme is based on employee satisfaction and engagement surveys. In the era of an employee job market, taking a closer look at issues related to the willingness of the staff to engage in everyday duties – as well as to express their positive opinions about the employees – becomes a crucial thing to do.