News Emitel was awarded the Trusted Partner Network (TPN) certificate

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN) is a global, industry-wide initiative created to protect film and TV content. The implementation of the TPN standard is based on certification and is a confirmation of information security for the audio-video sector. The TPN program helps companies prevent infringement and intrusion into movies and TV shows. Emitel, taking care of the welfare of its clients in this area, has started a multi-stage verification process in order to obtain this certificate. The certificate is renewed annually.

The certificate obtained by Emitel is a guarantee of safety for customers that the materials they entrust us with will serve the implementation of the agreed goals and will not be made available anywhere else in a way that would expose the clients to losses. Additionally, due to the fact that the certificate is recognized by the largest film and music producers in the world, it is easier for the company’s business partners to obtain approval to entrust Emitel with technical responsibility for working with their materials.

The obtained certificate proves that Emitel adheres to the highest safety standards when working with audio-video materials and strives to develop multimedia products, including VoDsaid Maciej Staszak, Vice President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.Furthermore, it is a confirmation that we operate in a responsible manner, and that we have appropriate technical safeguards, both in terms of networks and devices. Well trained personnel adhere to the applicable procedures, manage risk, operate in a planned manner, and our locations meet high security requirements, such as monitoring and access controladded Maciej Staszak.

Joining the TPN program offers a number of benefits, such as help in identifying security vulnerabilities/breaches and communicating countermeasures, accelerating the implementation of the assessment report, offering specific controls for the needs and workflows of certain types of vendors. The program also provides assistance in cases of security breaches via the TPN Platform.

About the Trusted Partner Network (TPN)

TPN (Trusted Partner Network) is an international standard for the audio-video industry, defining the conditions for maintaining the required degree of confidentiality when exchanging information with cooperators. The platform was developed by the American intellectual property protection organizations – MPAA and CDSA (Motion Picture Association of America and Content Delivery & Security Association), and includes a catalog of issues related to information security.