News Emitel supports young scientists – enthusiasts in creation of the Transatlantic Radio Station Museum and Science Center

On the occasion of the International Radio Day and the nineteenth anniversary of the decision to build the radio mast in Raszyn, Emitel provided among others a historical transmitter lamp and a telecommunication cabinet to the Transatlantic Broadcasting Station Culture Park Association. The equipment will be used for research purposes and later will become an exhibit in the planned museum of the Transatlantic Broadcasting Station.

The members of the association are young scientists and doctoral students who are fascinated by the history of the pre-war broadcasting station located at the border of the present communes Bemowo (Boernerowo) and Babice. The Transatlantic Broadcasting Station was in operation only for 22 years and consisted of 10 masts that were more than 126 meters tall. It was completely destroyed by Germans in 1945. Its twin station, the Varberg Radio Station in Sweden, which is still in existence, was included on the list of World Heritage sites in 2004.

“Reconstruction of the Transatlantic Broadcasting Station is not possible but, among others thanks to the help of Emitel, we want to restore the old Brown Boveri transmitter, which will become the main exhibit of the planned science center. We are trying to make sure that the museum of the Transatlantic Radio Station is built in the vicinity of its ruins and we appreciate the help in collecting exhibits for the museum,” said Jarosław Chrapek, President of the Management Board of the Transatlantic Broadcasting Station Cultural Park Association.

The founders of the museum are planning to start an amateur short-wave radio station and a telecommunications club that will give a “new life” to the Babice Radio Station on the airwaves under its historical call sign – AXL. The telecommunication cabinet provided by Emitel is identical as the cabinet in which the transmitter was installed in the Broadcasting Center in Konstantynów.

“Polish radio broadcasting is at the threshold of digitization but we are happy to see enthusiasts who want to remember and commemorate the history of Polish radio communication. We are pleased that Emitel, whose history is more than half a century long, was able to contribute to the construction of the Transatlantic Radio Station Science Center and Museum,” said Maciej Staszak, the Vice President of the Management Board of Emitel S.A.

Until the museum is built, the equipment donated by Emitel will be stored at the Warsaw University of Technology where it will serve as a teaching aid for students and young scientists.