Do not heat the atmosphere up

Do not heat the atmosphere up

According to the implemented Environmental Management Policy, protection of atmosphere and climate constitutes one of the environmental aspects identified by us as significant.
Everyday media coverage inform us how important this topic is by showing climate change and damage caused by sudden natural phenomena. We ourselves often experience these changes.
Our climate is changing. Numerous gases causing climate change are at the same time air pollutants that affect our health and the environment.
At the same time, many people are convinced that climate change is too huge and frightening and that actions by single individuals cannot change anything. This conviction makes us less inclined to take up individual, environmentally friendly actions.
Meanwhile, it is enough that each of us turns down the thermostat, chooses a tram instead of a car or a bicycle instead of a tram.

If we become aware that:

  • Driving a car for 30 kilometers equals an emission of 5 kilograms of CO2 – (a quantity that a large tree will consume during a year),
  • One car converts as much oxygen into exhaust gases per hour as 800 people use to breathe at the same time,
  • 88 million tonnes (246 kg/year/person in Poland) of food is wasted annually in the European Union, production, delivery and disposal of which is responsible for the emission of 170 million tonnes of C02,
    it will be easier for us to take individual actions to protect the climate.



Temperatura globalna – Global temperature
średnia roczna – annual average
średnia pięcioletnia – five-year average
Animalia temperatury – Temperature anomaly

Average temperature increase (Climatic research Unit, University of East Anglia and the Hadley Centre of the UK Meteorogical office).;

Scientists predict that the average temperature will rise by 20C by 2100, and this will cause rise in water levels in oceans and seas by 50 cm. This means that 13 million people will have to change their homes in the USA alone. The increase in average temperature, in addition to elevated sea levels, also means significant changes in the availability of drinking water.
Meanwhile, it is enough for us to turn down the thermostat, make a rational purchase and “not to heat the atmosphere up”.