Sustainable development

It all started with a forest. In the 19th century, German foresters invented the concept of sustainable development, i.e. forest management that would involve cutting down only the number of trees that can grow back so that the forest never disappears.

Sustainable development can be applied in various areas of life. And we are using it. We use energy-saving materials and strictly comply with all environmental standards. We regularly measure the impact of our activities on the environment, and as we build new facilities, we reduce each project’s footprint to the bare minimum. We do not use coal or coke and reduce heat emission by modernizing transmitters and cooling systems, we also supported the National Plan for the Conservation of the Eurasian Curlew.

In addition, we have been supporting our employees for many years by introducing numerous educational initiatives and solutions which make our Company a better place to work. We behave ethically in our relationships with business partners in line with our corporate social responsibility commitments.